3 Quick Valentine’s Day Thoughts… and 1 Billion Rising

Posted on 02.13.13.

1.  Creativity Goes a Long Way:

Whoever said that Valentine’s day needs to look like a dozen roses and a heart shaped box of chocolates?   I can think of many romantic gestures that are alot less expensive and alot more genuine (on the other hand, I can think of some pricey ones too;)

The most important thing is that is resonates with you and the person that you are gifting.  Think about what you treasure in your own life and what you treasure about the people closest to you.  Whether you write it on a post it, a letter, a card or on a cake, I wish you the opportunity to share your feelings with your loved ones.

2.  What About You?
I hope each of us consciously makes the time to give ourselves a valentine.  If we nourish and care for ourselves then we will have the energy and inspiration to pass that energy along to others, which ends up becoming a gift to ourselves.
3.  As for What I’m Doing Tomorrow…
Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, I will be part of “One Billion Rising”.  This global event on V-Day will bring women, men and children to rise up, dance and say NO to violence against women and girls so that they can thrive, rather than merely survive. 
You will see it on the news tomorrow evening , but if you are interested being a part of this collective voice it, visit onebillionrising.org.

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