Not Just 4 Chix: Self-Defence for U!

Posted on 08.27.13.

Sunday’s self-defense workshop was every bit as empowering as I’d hoped it would be! We had 3 pairs of moms and teenage daughters and even a trio… Anchored by a brave-hearted guy who joined in for every bit of learning he could, while showing support to his fiance and even his mom. Itbis quite amazing to deck 200+ pound grown met with strangleholds on you or who have you tightly constrained by the wrist… But thats what happened.

It wasnt about fighting, it was about prevention and escaping to safety.

Below that is what i sent to the group after the session. This should give you a taste of what transpired:

“I just want to say how honored I was that you chose to invest your precious time with us today.  On a gorgeous day in August, I can think of alot of other ‘priorities’ that might have waylaid you, but they didn’t.  I do think that when it comes to balance and well-being, the most basic ‘must’ is personal safety, so the idea of protecting oneself lies very close to the center of my heart.

I can sense that was definitely the beginning of something.  I hope it gave you a new perspective on your own power as an individual. As Peggy and Steve so aptly put it, it begins with our mindset and our awareness of our surroundings. How move through space and how others perceive us is a game changer in and of itself. The unfortunate thing is that the statistics show that there is a decent chance that we will find ourselves in need of the tools we learned today.  My wish is that you will take this as a starting point, read what you will be receiving from the Browns, practice the tactics we learned today  and keep in mind that our voice is a tool that no matter where we are, we have at our disposal.  

I do sense that the effects of today will ripple out, whether it is by you sharing this experience with family and friends or in other ways.  I can think of a few right now that are happening for me:

– I have texted friends and family photographs

– I have tweeted and facebooked about the experience

– I will be continuing to encourage others to locate programs like this that work for them — and, for those that are considering taking martial arts, I will encourage them to seriously consider Jui Jitsu (and in particular, the program offered by Steve at Imperatori Karate at Roswell Road and Mt Paran)

– I will practice what I learned today… with Sarah and with any of you when I see you (consider it a secret handshake!)

– Tammy and John Stokes, owners of West Coast Workout, who so generously opened up their studio for us today, may want to repeat something like this in the future as well

– and it is almost definite that I will include a session like this as part of the ’28 Days of Awesome’ that me and my company, Lifestyle Design, will be doing with Alyson Hoag and her company Authentic Beauty in February, which is also ‘Love Your Body Month’

… So keep all of this in mind. Meanwhile, I would welcome feedback from each of you.  What worked, what didn’t. Where you’d want to see more (or less) emphasis, length of time and any little comments you might think important for others to know about if they would consider participating in something like this in the future.  
As I said before today, I did not host this as a money making venture, and WCW was not paid for the use of their space.  $10 of your fee today will be donated to the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential and the rest went right where it needed to go, to Steve, Peggy, Marty and Judith.  Thank you each for taking the time, bringing your equipment here today, the handouts from today as well as the wealth of information that you will be sending us in follow up. Thank you.

So, have a wonderful evening and, as I was writing this, believe it or not, Sarah was ‘slithered’ at a gas station.  Having left the drivers’ side window open and a $10 bill on the seat… well, guess what happened? Thank goodness it wasn’t her purse (and ID with address) or worse.  It just goes to show, this is important stuff and we really do need to be aware.

Have a lovely evening together and once again, thank you,

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