4 “Facts of Life” for Girls of ALL Ages – As the ChangeMyWorldNow Tour Comes to Atlanta!

Posted on 10.30.11.

I sent this to the daughter of a friend of mine for her 13th birthday, as part of a scrapbook of words of wisdom that her mom collected from her gal pals . As Gina Otto and her Change My World Now Tour roll into Atlanta, I thought it would be worth sharing. Feel free to add some of your own!

4 “Facts of Life”

“How cool that you get this collective hug from people who love you and think you are FABULOUS! I’ll bet that, between the bunch of us, you’ll have the benefit of close to 1,000 years of female experience – and hopefully you’ll not have to go through some of the stuff that we did when we were youngerJ
So, even though we grew up in the era of dinosaurs, typewriters and phones with cords attached to the wall, there are some things that, truly, never change:

Fact #1: What the #$*#??!! Is “Perfect”??!!
Forgive my French, but we’re not perfect – and we’re not supposed to be!! I can’t think of anyone who isn’t at least a little insecure about their looks, meeting new people or learning new things from scratch. So don’t think that you’re the only one that feels that way. No one, absolutely no one is perfect. ☺

Fact #2: Fact #1 is TRUE!
The truth is, even THE most popular girls and the biggest celebrities aren’t comfortable with who they are. No one, not even Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Beyonce, is totally in love with themself. You are who you are, and though there are parts of you that you might want to change, you can change some of them, but please (!) don’t try to become someone else, because if you do, you’ll lose that “you” that is so magical and so totally enchanting!

Fact #3: You, Too, Have an Angel
Cassandra has her angel, and Sleeping Beauty had a whole bunch of fairy godmothers. When you think you’re all alone, remember those people who think the world of you, and go to them for help, encouragement or just a hug. They’ll always be there to take a call, e-mail, text, skype or however you want to reach out. After all, that’s what friends are for!

Fact #4: Love Yourself
Finally, and most importantly, It has taken me years of living and learning to learn that the most important thing is to LOVE YOURSELF. That means the parts you think are totally cool as well as the things you’d prefer to change. What makes you who you are is the combination of everything, all mixed together.

So trust yourself and appreciate – and LOVE the person you are!

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