4+4: “Turn Your Home into a Tender Trap”

Posted on 02.05.14.
One of my favorite topics and really, it’s not rocket science.  Here  are a few…
1. Tame the Tech-Laden Bedroom:
Banish the tech from your love nest. Bedrooms are not meant to be home offices. Phones, ipads and other work essentials should neither be seen nor heard. Move charging stations to the bathroom, the closet — anywhere but the bedroom… and silence them before heading to bed. (If you use yours as an alarm clock, spring for the real thing so that it does it’s job – nothing more, nothing less.)
2. Turn the Glare of the Spotlights into Campfire Intimacy:
100- watt lighting can really douse a romantic mood. Dimmers and 3-way bulbs have the power to shift you from “not now” to “right now!”
So too, can a scarf over a lampshade or, better yet, a lit fire in the fireplace, candles by the bathtub or even on the kitchen counter. With these last two, keep matches within easy reach, And extra logs by hearth to keep the flames burning.
3. Lighten Up – Adults Need Toys Too!
Why do kids get to have all the fun?!? As you go about sorting and straightening out your kids’ toys, think about a toy drawer, closet or shelf for you and your honey. Kids’ toys can do double duty so think to Include games, a deck of cards (for whatever kind of poker strikes your fancy;) and even some dress up items from their Halloween stash..  Get the picture?
4. Calm the Savage Beast.. with Music:
There is no better bridge than music to take us from the frenzy of a chaotic day to a place of intimacy and romance.
But first  things first, turn off the TV and maybe open a window to being in some new energy. Do the two of you have ‘a song’? Are there others that bring you back to a special moment or that just make you want to dance? Whether they are on CDs, your I-pod, a sonos playlist or on the soundtrack of a favorite romantic film, use these to transform a sour day into a delicious one.
Now that we’re on a roll, here are 4 more….
– Food:  Stock your fridge for romance
– Signs from Nature:  A well-placed flower on the door handle when your special someone returns home
– Love Notes:  A post-it love note on “his” vanity mirror or pillow
– And speaking of pillows: Don’t overladen your bed with them to prevent them from becoming obstacles to getting horizontal for a nap or some afternoon delight.
Let us know how it goes!

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