Some Observations from My Week of ChangeMyWorldNow

Posted on 11.07.11.

I’m just getting my feet back on the ground after a week of being with the ChangeMyWorldNow Tour in Atlanta. I just have to share a couple of quick thoughts:

Perhaps because I’m a brand partner (I designed the activity in the On Your Mark section for kids to create “Their Own Zone” so that as they go out and change their world, they can be sure to have a zone to return to at the end of each day), I was on the tour with Gina Otto and the cast of her musical at the beginning of the month. How inspiring to see, first-hand, the impact that this message is having, not only on girls AND boys, but on adults too.

Gina and Rossville Middle School Principal, Glen Brown

Gina and Rossville Middle School Principal, Glen Brown

At one school outside of Atlanta, after seeing the musical, a little girl (coincidentally named Christine) raised her hand in front of the 200 other kids at the assembly:
“There are two mean girls in my class. What should I do?”
The courage of this tiny 4th grader! Gina turned to everyone there and asked, “How many of you have mean girls in your life?” Every kid, teacher and cast member raised their hand. Gina, too. Me, too. And the conversation continued with her and rest of the kids, dying to share their thinking after having seen the musical version of Cassandra’s Angel.
I am convinced that the course of that girls’s life changed in that one exchange. I only wish I’d had that opportunity when I was her age….

It isn’t often that you get to see a movement in the making, but I think that’s what’s happening here. Here’s just a glimpse of what’s happening:
– In just a couple of weeks, one of several u-tube videos has had over 32,000 views.
– In the 3 weeks since publication date, Sterling Publishing is into it’s 4th printings of Cassandra’s Angel (unprecedented) — and now, it looks like it is headed into it’s FIFTH printing (unheard of)!
– This morning it was THE book on Barnes and Noble’s home page (see below) with Walter Isaccson’s Steve Jobs book behind it. — For a picture book and from a single- title author is totally, totally extraordinary!
– The website is having huge success with I-can’t-rememember how many hits — and more importantly, a lot of exploration within the website.
– Principals and teachers are planning to engage their students in CMWN activities as a class, grade or school, in addition to having kids post their “global wishes” for the world.
and finally,
– In the gathering that I co-hosted earlier this week, along with Laura Heery Prozes, Brooke Jackson Edmond, Ginny Brewer, Rebecca Heery and Rebecca/Becky Young, some of Atlanta’s most prominent and effective youth organizations are planning to share this with the youth, adults and families that they serve — as well as becoming brand partners, themselves!

For those of you who were part of that week’s events, I’m so glad that you got to experience it first-hand. For those that weren’t, take a look at their website ( and pass it on to people who you think might be interested.

After NY, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and Atlanta, this week they wrap up this half of the tour in Miami and after that, Gina will be opening the centennial conference of Girl Scouts of America… In the new year, the tour continues in middle-america and on to the West Coast. As I said, pretty amazing.

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