About Christine

A branding and lifestyle expert with a passion for quality of life, Christine does not measure quality by the thickness of a wallet, the square footage of a building, or the designer on a label. She is all about authenticity and ease, from the inside out.

With a degree from Georgetown University in Mandarin Chinese and Business, Christine did further studies and worked as an interior designer, with a focus on the psychology of space and flow of activity.  She combined this base of knowledge with tools and skills gathered along the way, including time at Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, as Public Relations Director, where she was responsible for articulating Ralph Lauren’s brand and values via cause-related marketing, community outreach, special event and Mr. Lauren’s philanthropy.  For the past ten years, she has deepened and refined her awareness, knowledge base and experience through her firm Lifestyle Design, founded in 2002.

Throughout her career, she has focused on the nuance and opportunity of effective messaging.  Christine is convinced that what applies to individuals’ lifestyles, applies directly to the lifestyle of an organization, what she refers to as its’ brand culture’.  And in many ways, being aware of the parallel between the two can make the “why” much easier to understand. Her tools go beyond the written and spoken word, to the many untapped visual and subliminal elements that are ripe for the picking.  The result is her unique and straightforward approach to lifestyle and branding, based on balance and ‘campfires’ and a perspective resulting from decades of exposure to organizations and individuals throughout the US and abroad.

Just as with individuals and families, businesses, communities and other systems have the potential to be ‘campfires’, intentional centers of energy that draw people in for specific outcomes.  All too often, there is a disconnect between brand and reality.  This missing bridge keeps things — and people — at a distance.  It’s the difference between looking at a window display and being enveloped into the warm glow of a crackling fire.  This is huge.  Campfires can be created to significantly shape the experiences of your clients, board members, investors, employees and everyone, including your most precious resource, yourself.

New York, California, London, and Atlanta all know Christine’s talent in branding, marketing, communications and design. With the sweet success and magic understanding Christine has in her field, it is no wonder that she now has turned success into her own private consulting firm: Lifestyle Design.

Multi, multi-lingual she became a constant adventurer when, starting at 15, she went off to explore the world of people, their differences, their lifestyles, and the eclectic wisdoms that only diversity can teach. Christine simply loves to explore how people live, so she has discovered and adopted wonders from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. None is “best”, but each culture offers jewels that she adopts in her own life and gives to others, to best suit their dreams.

Christine has been delighted to share her unique, multi-talented gifts. Thousands of people have been blessed, from numerous corporations to individuals from all ages and stages of life.

In these times, when people’s happiness is being destroyed by their lifestyles at work and at home, Christine promotes a genuine, livable, delicious kind of quality of life. Whether at a lively presentation filled with smiles and warmth, in quiet moments reading her book, Comfort Living, or in brand culture consultation, she offers an approach to living and working that seems to be lacking.

Christine has been recognized for her work including:

• – ForeWord Reviews’ Book of the Year Finalist , Body/Mind/Spirit category – Comfort Living
• – Nation-wide coverage in print , TV, radio and online
• – Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Atlanta Advisory Council
• – International Interior Designers Association (IIDA), member
• – Married for 25 remarkable years
• – Mother of an 18 and 23 year-old
• – World traveller

She has been featured on television, radio, on line and in print media including, Consumer Reports/Shop Smart, “Better Living” on NBC-30 in Atlantic City, The Lisa Wexler Show – WSTC/WNLK, Talk 820, WEEU, PINK Magazine, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Under30CEO, homefurnishings.com, San Francisco Book Review, The Oklahoman, The Oregon-Register-Guard, Sarasota Magazine, The Asheville Times, Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta INtown,The Gwinnet Daily Post and The Atlanta Journal Constitution. She has been “Comfort Living” in Atlanta with her husband and children since 1992 and more recently as a resident of Longboat Key in southwest Florida.

Lifestyle Design – Practical Tools for Balanced Living: Christine’s firm promotes balanced living through brand culture consultation, workshops and presentations, and commentary on her blog and websites, lifestyledesign.org and comfortlivingbychristine.com.

Career Highlights:

  • Polo/Ralph Lauren: director of public relations, supervised Ralph Lauren’s personal and corporate philanthropic projects to expand one of the world’s biggest lifestyle brands.
  • Sotheby’s International Realty and Newmark Knight Frank: created and implemented marketing programs for luxury residential and commercial properties throughout the United States for these two global firms.
  • Kavela Communications: founded this consulting firm providing strategic marketing and event design to clients including Special Olympics New York, fashion designer Giorgio Armani, and the African National Congress for Nelson Mandela’s New York visit.
  • Savannah College of Art and Design: taught Lifestyle Design at SCAD and what was formerly known as the Atlanta College of Art
  • Georgetown University, B.S., Mandarin Chinese and International Business Studies.
  • Shanghai University, lecturer, School of International Business.
  • University of Paris, degree in Chinese languages and civilization.
  • Atlanta College of Art (now Savannah College of Art and Design), degree in residential interior design.