Africa Umoja / US Tour: An Experience for the Senses, Not to Be Missed!

Posted on 07.19.13.
I sent this to Monica Pearson, the beloved former anchor of the WSB, the Cox tv station here in atlanta, and because I need to start my ‘real’ day, I’m posting this as is.
If you can make this performance, you will not be sorry!  I saw people from 3 to 93 there and at the end, everyone was on their feet.  Feel free to pass it on. Umoja has high hopes for Atlanta and their entire North American tour.  It takes a village to make things happen.
I thought of you last night when i went to see Africa Umoja at the Civic Center. The audience was packed with people of all ages, and it was an extra special night because it was Nelson Mandela’s birthday.
The heart behind this production is amazing (and the rendition of Amazing Grace is stunning, btw – which made me think of you when you sang at an event you presided over years ago ;), and the energy and message is wonderful and with it, a bit of a history lesson on the development of South African culture over time.
Reviews from London say it all:
I have no doubt that it will follow Lion King, also from South Africa, to Broadway and beyond. But of course, they need to make the most of this tour.
i don’t know if you’re in town, but i really think you should see this. Perhaps too, someone at WSB would want to cover it. (Once a Cox wife, always a Cox wife!!) I’d be happy to put you or whomever in touch with the producer, a Dutch South African who sold his business, home and more to bring the production to London’s West End. (Ironically his birthday was also last night.)
After this they go to DC, and also on the schedule are cities like LA, San Diego, Dallas, and about 3 others a d then a stop or two in Canada.
Here’s the website:
At any rate, I’m sure you and yours would love this experience.
All the best (and btw, I’m in the neighborhood now, living and loving it in Midtown!)

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One Response to “Africa Umoja / US Tour: An Experience for the Senses, Not to Be Missed!”

  1. Hazel Mhlaba says:

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks a lot, this is beautiful and Yes the people of Atlanta came in big numbers to show their support and we apppreciciate it. Last nights show was about touching someones heart, spreading love and gracing the lovely people of Atlanta and with this letter i believe Africa Umoja succeeded in doing so.
    once again thank you and your support is highly appreciated by the Umoja family.


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