Here are just a few ideas of what Christine can bring to your group, but most importantly, she will interact with your audience in a way that connects with what is important to them.

– Is Your Brand Doing its Job?  Raving Fans vs  One Night Stands

– Motel 6 to Mumbai — Creating “Home” Wherever You Are

– Happy New Year?!?   Positive Change without Resolution Rebound

– Brand Culture @ Work:  Slash Your Marketing Budget and Multiply Your Profits

– Is Your “Quality of Life” Killing You? 4 Ways to Take Back Your Life

– Simplicity, The Ultimiate in Sophistication

– From Gucci to Goodwill: Improve Any Environment on Any Budget

– College Students & Parents: Creating Spaces that Invite Success at School

– Why Move When DIY & TLC Can Get You There?

– Rev Up Romance & Reclaim the Bedroom

– Tech Wars: Taking Control Over Tech Overload

– Forget Perfect! Start Living!!

Make the most of your audience’s time.