Nature: A Tool for Balanced Living… Right at Your Fingertips

Posted on 12.19.14

Those of you who know me are aware of my love of nature.  Big Sur, beach walks, hikes, skiing… For me, Nature is a readily-available and effective tool which counterbalances the constant flow of non-nature that dominates our lives every day.  Nature directly impacts our well-being in the food we eat, the water we drink, […]

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Food for Thought…

Posted on 11.23.14

Yes, individuals, couples and families have lifestyles, but so do companies and the brands behind them. Having worked with both kinds of clients, I thought I’d post some testimonials about my book, my consulting and from a recent talk.  Feel free to comment or read more on this website or at From: Jake Rightmyer, […]

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The Drivers’ Dozen 4 Drive-Style… in the Slow South ;)

Posted on 06.13.14

With all of the road tripping that happens in summer, as well as the daily commute, I couldn’t resist putting this up to add a bit of humor to the conversation.  (That said, speaking for Atlanta, this is about 200% true, so be forewarned!) Though I take no pride of authorship of the actual tips, […]

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4 “Facts of Life” — for Girls of ALL Ages

Posted on 03.11.14

I sent this to the daughter of a friend of mine for her 13th birthday, as part of a scrapbook of words of wisdom that her mom collected from her gal pals.  With so much stress on girls today, I thought it would be worth sharing.    I also highly recommend the book Girls on […]

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Secret Bay: Robinson Meets Wright… in TLC Tropical Heaven!

Posted on 02.21.14

By that, I mean “Robinson”, as in Swiss Family, and “Wright,” as in Frank Lloyd 😉 Here is an excerpt from my plein-air writings during a recent stay with friends on the small, British-born, off-and-on French island of Dominica, in the Lesser Antilles, in between the two islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Day 2: Has […]

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Comfort Living & Bloglovin’

Posted on 02.09.14

Looking forward to seeing you on bloglovin’ and feel free to pass the word along! Ciao, C Follow my blog with Bloglovinmy Blog on Bloglovin’

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4+4: “Turn Your Home into a Tender Trap”

Posted on 02.05.14

One of my favorite topics and really, it’s not rocket science.  Here  are a few… 1. Tame the Tech-Laden Bedroom: Banish the tech from your love nest. Bedrooms are not meant to be home offices. Phones, ipads and other work essentials should neither be seen nor heard. Move charging stations to the bathroom, the closet — anywhere […]

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We All Say We Need to Address Eduxation… My Endorsement: Cynthia Briscoe Brown

Posted on 11.01.13

Those of you that know me know that politics are not my normal area of activity, but education and “the next generation” certainly is. Since we have the opportunity to vote for four candidates for the Atlanta Board of Education, one from our district and three at-large, I wanted to share this with you. I […]

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Italy, Here I Am!

Posted on 09.28.13

I’m folding into the Florentine way of life for the next two weeks, and after that I’ll be in Switzerland, where my family is from.  Tapping into my roots and experiencing life from a different perspective is one of my Treasures.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter @comfort_living or on Instagram at ChristineEisner. Ciao […]

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Posted on 09.26.13

“Home may be where the heart is, but it also can be a hookup hindrance. Turns out that [all sorts of things ] affect your libido… Check out the 10 most common obstacles to a satisfying home love life and expert tips to keep your nook nooky-friendly… Check out this excerpt and the link below […]

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