Not Just 4 Chix: Self-Defence for U!

Posted on 08.27.13

Sunday’s self-defense workshop was every bit as empowering as I’d hoped it would be! We had 3 pairs of moms and teenage daughters and even a trio… Anchored by a brave-hearted guy who joined in for every bit of learning he could, while showing support to his fiance and even his mom. Itbis quite amazing […]

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Summertime Continues! — Today thru Sept 22nd

Posted on 08.23.13

At least in my humble opinion, summer is not almost over. The calendar supports my position:  The first day of autumn, otherwise known as the vernal equinox, is September 22nd.  Up north, school doesn’t resume until after Labor Day, though in the southeast, kids are already into homework, after school activities, and for high school seniors, the […]

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Self-Defense & Personal Safety Tools for Mothers, Daughters, Women and Teenage Girls: Are You Equipped?

Posted on 08.17.13

The school year underway, or almost.  Bullying, abduction, and acts of violence are dominating the media. Consider this a wake-up call and a suggestion — to take action. Did you know that: 1 in 20 young women attending college will be the victims of a violent attack 1 in 6 females will be sexually attacked in […]

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Campfire Magic in Seaside: Come as You Are, Draw Closer and Join In!

Posted on 07.21.13

Every Sunday at 9:50 a.m. on the Florida Panhandle, a single harmonica, a folk guitar and the 2,500-pound bell of the Seaside chapel join forces to welcome residents and visitors to ‘come as you are, draw closer and join in.’ And though this unique trifecta is only heard once a week, it seems to be […]

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Africa Umoja / US Tour: An Experience for the Senses, Not to Be Missed!

Posted on 07.19.13

I sent this to Monica Pearson, the beloved former anchor of the WSB, the Cox tv station here in atlanta, and because I need to start my ‘real’ day, I’m posting this as is. If you can make this performance, you will not be sorry!  I saw people from 3 to 93 there and at […]

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Tuscany Trip Update: Making Lemons Out of Lemonade… or Maybe Even Limoncello!

Posted on 07.17.13

Sometimes “life gets in the way” and you need to be flexible and rebalance. I call it ‘making lemonade’… but why settle for lemonade when you can have limoncello!!? Well that’s what happened with the Tuscany experience scheduled for early September.  It turned out that I had a significant conflict…. BUT, with an attitude of […]

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Eye Contact & Emotional Connection: Two Tools to Use — or Lose

Posted on 03.24.13

Who would have imagined 10 years ago that as soon as a plane lands, probably 90% of the passengers on board would pull out the same device to ‘connect’?  But is that what we are really doing? …An article in today’s New York Times follows, with first, a few quick thoughts: – Just our pinkies […]

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3 Quick Valentine’s Day Thoughts… and 1 Billion Rising

Posted on 02.13.13

1.  Creativity Goes a Long Way: Whoever said that Valentine’s day needs to look like a dozen roses and a heart shaped box of chocolates?   I can think of many romantic gestures that are alot less expensive and alot more genuine (on the other hand, I can think of some pricey ones too;) The […]

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Resolution ReBoot? & A Ferragamo Evening

Posted on 01.31.13

We were just ringing in the New Year a moment ago — Where did the month go??!!!  Remember making your resolution?  Well, if this year is like all the others, almost 90% of of us them have already abandoned them – and here we are, back to our old routines.  How about trying for small […]

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Look What’s on MY Calendar: “Tuscany… As the Italians Do It”

Posted on 12.10.12

I’ve decided to do something very different and VERY fun this year — and I’m excited! For many of us, it seems that sometimes our minds are so cluttered that the best thing is to simply get some breathing room. Some space.  A chance to see things through a different set of eyes.  There are […]

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