Posted on 01.10.12

Thanks, Aida! Now you (and everyone else) can read my blogs along with the others you love on BlogLovin’. Speaking of which, to any and all who see this, feel free to put your blog or others you recommend in your comments below. Happy reading! c Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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For Sale: From ‘Let’s Sell’ to Deal Done– in Under 2 Months!

Posted on 01.05.12

The Mission: Get a house ready to sell in less than two weeks… The Result: Did that… AND it went under contract in less than 3 days AND it closed in less than TWO months! . Just for good measure, there was a back up offer as well! Click here for the listing and click […]

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Resolutions Again??!!! Quick Tips 4 How to Make Them Stick

Posted on 12.31.11

Did You Know that 85-97% New Year’s Resolutions reach completion and in fact, are abandoned within 3 weeks! Talk about multitasking! Setting out 10 resolutions that are over ambitious is a map to failure. Here are some quick tips to get in gear, but also to stay on track. Happy 2012! 4 Tips for Realistic […]

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Less Can Be More: Little Messages from the Heart Go a Long Way

Posted on 12.12.11

Less is more applies to gifts, wrapping as well as holiday messages. Here are some of the makings of gift wrapping (yes, a road map from AAA!) that I used in a feature for Ballard Designs on “Gift Giving from the Heart” Click here if you want to see ideas for gift-giving and wrapping in […]

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Comfort Living: College Edition How to Create a Home-Away-From-Home… In 4 Days!

Posted on 12.05.11

When it comes to selling houses, I don’t believe in staging. I believe in creating “Campfires” that draw people in — that means the people who live there as well as potential buyers. The house in this story was bought about a year ago. Just before Thanksgiving it was put on the market, and went […]

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“Fancy Tips” (but not too fancy) to Whet Your Palate and Tempt Your Wallet

Posted on 11.11.11

Someone suggested that I do a blog with some fancy tips for shopping and eating in Atlanta, so here are a few, off the top of my head. With so many choices, it’s hard to choose, but these should whet your palate and tempt your wallet! And meanwhile, for some creative ways gift-giving “from the […]

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Some Observations from My Week of ChangeMyWorldNow

Posted on 11.07.11

I’m just getting my feet back on the ground after a week of being with the ChangeMyWorldNow Tour in Atlanta. I just have to share a couple of quick thoughts: Perhaps because I’m a brand partner (I designed the activity in the On Your Mark section for kids to create “Their Own Zone” so that […]

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4 “Facts of Life” for Girls of ALL Ages – As the ChangeMyWorldNow Tour Comes to Atlanta!

Posted on 10.30.11

I sent this to the daughter of a friend of mine for her 13th birthday, as part of a scrapbook of words of wisdom that her mom collected from her gal pals . As Gina Otto and her Change My World Now Tour roll into Atlanta, I thought it would be worth sharing. Feel free […]

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“What is Lifestyle Design and Comfort Living, and What Do I Do?”

Posted on 10.26.11

I just gave this info to the wonderful people at and thought I’d share it with you: Lifestyle Design – Comfort Living helps people of all ages live better by focusing on experiences, not appearances. We offer easy tools and a whole new way of looking at life that help you to feel truly […]

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Single and Dating? 10 Tips to Make a Good Date Even Better!

Posted on 10.20.11

So, when you go on a date and it ends up being a doozy instead of a dud, you might want to invite him (or her) up, right? … Christine contributed to this article on “10 Tips to Turn Your Crash Pad into a Love Den”. (You’ll find this and other articles on the Media […]

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