“Gift-Giving from the Heart” Made E-a-s-y – Check Off Your Holiday “To Do” List Today!

Posted on 10.20.11

The movement and online commmunity,, Gina Otto has created to empower teens and tweens launched in New York on Oct 4th and her book, Cassandra’s Angel, on which it is all founded, is now #19 on Barnes & Noble Best Seller List and actually has a shot at the New York Times Bestseller List as well! […]

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It All Starts This Week: Change YOUR World with ChangeMyWorldNow!

Posted on 10.03.11

Some big news today, from New York, as the first-ever totally secure online community for kids goes live, along with the 20-city ChangeMyWorldNow tour and musical, all because of Cassandra’s Angel… I’ll be out of touch for the next couple of weeks, but read on (and follow me on twitter from South America!) – BIG […]

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Posted on 10.01.11

Wow, it’s finally here! The date when, a new children’s social network that launches TODAY in New York City — October 1st, 2011! During her 20-city, 20-week ChangeMyWorldNow bus tour, founder and author of Cassandra’s Angel Gina Otto will be personally carrying a message of self-empowerment to local communities across the country. Her book […]

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Not Just For Singles: 6 Tips for “Spontaneous” Romance

Posted on 09.16.11

So… where how can your re-configure your digs to encourage a “night to remember” for you and your gentleman (or woman) caller? Think of the irresisitable allure of a campfire… Well even if you don’t have matches and kindling, you can create that same warm glow that will draw you both in for some great […]

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Something Special Happening in October:

Posted on 08.26.11

I’d like to introduce you to someone very special who is launching something in October: a ground-breaking social network that I am involved in which will provide children with an inspiring online alternative, one that encourages productivity, creativity and achievement. Gina Otto, the visionary for this endeavor, is creating a global movement to empower children […]

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Does Work Keeps You from Playing? – Zero Cost Tips for Type A Types to Relax and Rewind

Posted on 07.25.11

They say that Americans live to work and Europeans work to live. With all the Type A types out there — and I’m not only talking about entrepreneurs, that passion or drive for money and power can become a round the clock addiction. The Rx for that is to bring in elements that counter-balance the […]

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Hurry Up and Live! – Two People with Great Messages

Posted on 07.02.11

My t-shirt says it all! We’re all in such a rush, but are we rushing in the right direction?!? Last night Dean, my husband and I had dinner with two people who are doing some pretty amazing things to helping others. – Jon Albert: Founder of Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation. Through his […]

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Bring Father’s Day Home – 5 Wallet-Friendly Ways Kids (and Moms) Can Say ILU

Posted on 06.03.11

So, why can’t our homes be as comfortable as our favorite pair of jeans? Why does saying ‘I love you to Dad” need to be expensive? After all, love comes from within and gestures that show you care do too! 1. Fridge Remix: Clear a path to healthy eating by getting rid of withered produce, […]

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Echoes from London: One Man’s Junk is Another One’s Treasure…

Posted on 05.28.11

That would be me, of course! A new friend that I made while I was in London recently sent me an e-mail last night. Probably sensing that she’d get a unique answer, she asked me what I’d brought back from my trip. We all have different tastes and are drawn to different things, and I’m […]

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Phew! NY, London and So Much More – Here’s a Rundown!

Posted on 05.21.11

Where do I start? Well, first by saying that, in my opinion, a blog doesn’t have to be a white-glove-perfect work of art…. We’re not meant to live perfect or write perfect. We’re are not wired for that (thank goodness, because I’d sure wouldn’t get past the starting line!) Those of you who have been […]

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