Comfort Living Terms

Comfort Living attaches new meanings to common place words for a new way of talking about and creating living spaces and daily routines.


A way of living in harmony with the outside world.
Balance is achieved by being aware of change and flexible to make adjustments along the way.


People, places, objects and routines that ease connection and flow.


Easy but intentional combinations of objects and routines that draw people in for a sense of well-being, comfort and community.

Comfort Home Words

The words that describe how a home ideally should feel to the people who live there.

Comfort Living

A lifestyle that emphasizes inner priorities and meaningful experiences.


A type of Bridge that connects the present to the past, by associating deeper meanings to ordinary objects.

Lifestyle Design

The intentional process of using Campfires and practical tools to create a life that encourages balance, ease and quality of life.

Lifestyle Priorities

The critical needs and wants of an individual’s life.
Top Treasures + Comfort Home Words = Lifestyle Priorities


Anything or anyone that gets in the way of positive experiences.


The unique pace of a person’s life, based on inner priorities and outward routines.


A list of people, places and things that can be used as a means to creating and living a Comfort Life.


Experiences, people, places and objects that are personally meaningful and encourage happiness, contentment, connection or joy.


The 4-part process of making the most of positives and the least of negatives in a person’s life: Preserve/Honor, Put Away/Store, Give Away/Sell and Recycle/Throw Away.