More than Monograms – Gifts and Wrappings Made Extra-Personal

Posted on 12.09.12.

People talk about the art of gift giving, but the good news is that you don’t need to be a Picasso or a Trump to show someone that you really care. In fact, gifts from the heart have less to do with money than with the thought that goes into selecting and presenting them. Even better, “heart gifts” are the ones that will stay off the re-gifting merry-go-round!

Whether you customize one store-bought item or rally a few items around a particular theme, look for “add-on experiences” to move gifts out of the closet and into daily living. (And of course, it’s always fun when the wrapping on the outside offers a hint of what’s inside.)

So take a moment to think about the people on your list
and what they treasure — travel, health or a new grandchild. Then add your own creative touches to create one-of-a-kind gifts that go directly from your heart to theirs!  I’ll give you a couple of examples using words only so that my visuals won’t restrain your creativity.  Happy gifting!

1. For the Nature Lover

Go green with an assemblage of eco-gifts individually wrapped in hand-made rice paper loaded into a cotton or burlap bag.  Instead of bows and ribbon, try berries and raffia.  On the inside, consider continue a green mug, an assortment of teas, some candied ginger and some wooden nesting bowls to put them in.  You know me and Campfires… so how about adding a bit of green romance with some of Ballard Designs’ driftwood votives and botanically themed matches?

 2. For On-the-Go Empty Nesters, Newly-Weds, Anniversary-Celebrations

For travel-lovers of all ages, keeping track of belongings while on the road is always a priority.  Add a bit of wit with your own lite take on monograms, and instead of doing the typical embroidered monograms, how about using simply “his” and “hers” on a pair of travel totes or beach bags? For wrapping, use road maps instead of traditional wrapping paper and red ribbon (like the secondary routes on maps) to offer clues as to what’s inside.  Tap into your inner artist and add flourishes of fabric paint and perhaps even beading or trim  (available at your local craft store) to bring this gift to life.

**** To make this truly out-of-this-world, add a travel experience like the lifestyle trip to Tuscany that I am co-curating on Aug 30th – Sept 6th with Tuscan native and owner of Atlanta’s premier Italian restaurant Marco Bettti.  Contact us for specific deals for this amazing trip;)


That’s all for now!



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