Expert Opinions

Accessible, practical, and possible, Christine Eisner’s Comfort Living offers wisdom and inspiration for us all. Dispensed in a step-by-step format, her inquiries and exercises really make us think about the everyday elements of how and where we live, and how easy it can be to transform our homes – and our lives – for the better.
— Frances Schultz, Contributing Editor for House Beautiful magazine, former co-host of “Southern Living Presents” and author of Atlanta at Table and Atlanta at Home

Christine Eisner begins with the fundamental insight that our homes can shape our lives, and follows up with a series of insightful ideas and questions. The result is not just a book on home design, but a guide to living a more satisfying life. Comfort Living shows us how to find ways to make our homes support the ways we really want to live.
— Charles Brewer, Founder of MindSpring and developer of the new town of Las Catalinas, Costa Rica and the award-winning Glenwood Park neighborhood

Comfort Living represents an outline to restore America’s social web-work. This phenomenal diagram will allow American families to once again create a home life that will instill values in our children while nurturing them to understand that home is a refuge of life where love and safety reside. What comes to mind is a great saying by Abraham Lincoln, “The strength of a nation lives in the homes of its people.”
— Ralph Avallone, President, National Green Energy Council

I am inspired! When she clicks the heels of her “ruby slippers,” designer Christine Eisner transports you to a calmer, clutter-free comfort lifestyle.
— Helen Ballard Weeks, founder of Ballard Designs

Comfort Living empowers us to elevate pedestrian living spaces into something magical and meaningful. Throughout the book, Christine Eisner displays a rare gift for teaching others how to create a transcendent experience with good design. Comfort Living is simply a joy to read.
— Paula S. Wallace, President, Savannah College of Art and Design and co-author of A House in the South

Christine Eisner presents many of the principles of modern living – how one’s environment shapes lifestyle, how to integrate the discipline of order with the soulfulness of displaying treasured objects, and even an approach to designing space by evaluating daily routines. Rarely do you find a guide which breaks down the process of creating a “home” versus just a “house.”
— Christy MacLear, Executive Director, The Philip Johnson Glass House, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Christine Eisner is a modern-day alchemist. She deconstructs the everyday, and allows you to re-imagine what is possible within the confines of today’s busy, frenetic lifestyles. With an ample dose of wisdom and a dash of wit, Comfort Living is a veritable prescription to making the most of every moment – and having every moment have meaning. Eisner’s unparalleled insight provides guidance, support and, most importantly, inspiration for those seeking a more balanced way of living.
— Clinton Smith, Editorial Director, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine

Today, we see a value shift happening in the world. People are seeking out what truly makes them happy, from how and what they eat, to their friends and community, to the space they live in. Christine Eisner’s book can serve as a sort of manual for this process, by encouraging people to step off the treadmill of life, look inward, and determine what’s truly important to them.
— Steve Nygren, Founder of Serenbe

Look out Martha Stewart! In these highly stressful times, Comfort Living, Christine Eisner’s new book, strikes just the right balance. Eisner’s accessible style inspires each of us to find balance and harmony in our immediate natural surroundings. And for those of us wanting more grace and energy in our lives, Comfort Living is a must read.
— Anne Kreamer, author of Going Gray – What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity and Everything Else that Matters

Finally! A practical, inspirational home guide for those with little time to organize. A worthy journey that will enrich your living style.
— Elizabeth Franklin, author of The Franklin Report, The Insider’s Guide to the Home

Full of wisdom and concrete exercises to enhance your well-being by using what is closest at hand: your home. A lovely and inspiring book.
— Harville Hendrix, Ph. D., author of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

At last, a decorating book that gives us, not the newest designer décor, but lights a path to our own front doors. Christine Eisner’s Comfort Living satisfies a deep-down hunger for beautiful surroundings, connection, ease. Like a good friend with an uncanny eye for the personal detail, she draws around us a warm circle of light, shows us the way to create a shelter from the storm of modern life.
— Jax Peters Lowell, author of The Gluten-Free Bible, and a novel, Mothers

Christine has a remarkable ability to incorporate antique and vintage pieces into living spaces, naturally and easily. Objects that “have been steeped in their own juices” will both put a smile on any homeowner’s face and add character and life to their living environments.
—    Mark Sage, owner, Love Train Antiques and BoBo Intriguing Objects

As Christine puts it, “Comfort Living as well as in life, “less” can be so much “more.” This book is as much about what is in it, as what isn’t. Every detail of this book — from the copy, pictures and layout, to the size, format and length — is geared to making the path to a more balanced lifestyle simple, straightforward and accessible. Home can be as simple as looking inward and realizing, ‘There’s no place like home.’”