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Posted on 11.23.14.

Yes, individuals, couples and families have lifestyles, but so do companies and the brands behind them. Having worked with both kinds of clients, I thought I’d post some testimonials about my book, my consulting and from a recent talk.  Feel free to comment or read more on this website or at

From: Jake Rightmyer, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Ardenwoods
(This is a wonderful independent and assisted living community outside of Asheville. I did a talk there for prospective residents.)

“I just wanted to give you a quick message to thank you for letting me borrow your book from your mother. I enjoyed the encouragement and now have a fresh, clean, rearranged home that means a lot more to me than it previously did. I’m even eating better as I’ve made time to really enjoy what I’m cooking and concentrate on the importance of appreciating what I’m eating. Again thanks, and I hope all is well in Atlanta.”

From: “The Mom of Julia” (mom of a college junior at U of Michigan. I spent 3 days turning a shell of a house into a home for about 6 students, including my son, who managed it for the next year.)

“I am so thankful to Christine and Matt. What an incredible experience for these wonderful U Mich kids. My husband and I are grateful that Julia can have the experience- to integrate her school commitments with a happy living environment, assume the responsibility to care for a home, and to live, cook, clean and share with others. This is a learning experience that definitely goes beyond the classroom. Thanks for your hard work and generosity!!!” Lois Backon

From: the manager of the ReUse Center, Ann Arbor
(This was one of the places I used for the Ann Arbor Hoise on Hill St. With less than $2k, as I remember, I left with everything ready for the students to move in and begin the next term. I did a 3-day running blog at the time on this website.)

“We enjoyed assisting you at the ReUse Center! Best wishes on the house project. Your activity leaves us bit breathless, but also inspired as to what can be done with a plan and local resources on short notice. We know that many people resonate with “secondhand” furnishings – history, character, green-ness – and we feel privileged to provide a space for the transfer of these materials within the community. Gary Urick, ReUse Center
I have to say it’s rather refreshing to arrive at a relatively unique blog like this, good work. I expect I’ll be visiting again soon and I look forward to reading your next post when I do.” Lauran Agar

From: Wendy Foulke, guest of Atlanta History Center Members Guild Luncheon at Swan House

“I enjoyed your talk so very much today. What you spoke about was not at all what I expected to hear, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. Your words have truly inspired me to make some significant changes in my life. I look forward to scheduling my consultation.

From: Karen Rodi about my book, Comfort Living

I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying your new book. I love its message of finding balance and connection in our homes, and I am working on it! I have been creating a new workspace for myself, one that blends what I do for my daughter, with what I am busy doing with my sisters and our new soap business (our website just went live and still has some kinks to work out but feel free to check it out at!). It’s evolving into sort of the “music and mermaids” room, but it’s definitely somewhere I like to be at the end of a regular school day. Hope this finds you all well.”

From: Sarah Mings, psychologist, regarding my book for her clients

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Comfort Living. I have been recommending it to my clients. I worked with a young woman today who tends to zone out when things become too emotionally intense. I suggested that she might want to refer toComfort Living as a resource for engineering a comfortable environment which would draw her into the present moment. Folks who are dealing with emotional baggage often have difficulty being present because they become so overwhelmed by their feelings that they want to either fly out the door literally or mentally escape. I found your book a great resource for helping clients like these to be present and learn to make themselves feel more at home. I also find it helpful when designing an individual stress reduction program for clients who are too anxious. Exploring ways to make themselves feel more at ease in their environments is key to reducing their stress level.”


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