Posted on 10.18.09.

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  1. christine says:

    Your welcome!

  2. RichardSUT says:

    Useful knowledge. With thanks!

  3. christine says:

    hi there… thanks for being in touch. Yes, it is a quest and it’s one step at a time, and taking time to rebalance along the way…

    So for more, I’ll put you on my distribution list for an email that I send out very occasionally to my followers. If you receive it and don’t like it, you can always unsubscribe.
    I also post pretty frequently on twitter @comfort_living and on instagram at ChristineEisner. Feel free to follow me there!
    Thanks again!

  4. christine says:

    hi there… thanks for being in touch and for taking the time to comment. I actually put up blogs less frequently so that “the tail doesn’t wag the dog”. I’ll put you on my distribution list for an email that I send out very occasionally to my followers. If you receive it and don’t like it, you can always unsubscribe.
    And if you want to follow me on twitter, I’m at @comfort_living. I post pretty frequently on that and on instagram at ChristineEisner.
    Happy thanksgiving to you!

  5. Hannah says:

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  6. christine says:

    thanks for your comment. My other website is lifestyledesign.org and on twitter I’m @comfort_living.
    Meanwhile, I just put up a new blog that you might enjoy. Also, if you want to get on my distribution list, let me know. I only use it a few times a year so as not to overwhelm people’s inboxes.
    Happy summer to you!

  7. Outstanding quest there. What happened after?
    Take care!

  8. Foster says:

    I know this site gives quality dependent articles and additional material, is there any other web page which gives such things in

  9. christine says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback. Keep visiting… I’ve got a blog in process and might upload an excerpt just to whet the appetite. Meanwhile I post alot on Twitter @comfort_living.
    Be well,

  10. last minute says:

    I would like to see more posts like this!.. Great blog btw! Reisadvies Subscribed..

  11. christine says:

    I enjoyed your talk so very much today. What you spoke about was not at all what I expected to hear, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. Your words have truly inspired me to make some significant changes in my life. I look forward to scheduling my consultation.

  12. Karen Rodi says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying your new book. I love its message of finding balance and connection in our homes, and I am working on it! I have been creating a new workspace for myself, one that blends what I do for my daughter, with what I am busy doing with my sisters and our new soap business (our website just went live and still has some kinks to work out but feel free to check it out at http://www.aycayia.com/Aycayia/Home.html!). It’s evolving into sort of the “music and mermaids” room, but it’s definitely somewhere I like to be at the end of a regular school day. Hope this finds you all well.

  13. Sarah Mings, MA, LPC, NCC says:

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Comfort Living. I have been recommending it to my clients. I worked with a young woman today who tends to zone out when things become too emotionally intense. I suggested that she might want to refer to Comfort Living as a resource for engineering a comfortable environment which would draw her into the present moment. Folks who are dealing with emotional baggage often have difficulty being present because they become so overwhelmed by their feelings that they want to either fly out the door literally or mentally escape. I found your book a great resource for helping clients like these to be present and learn to make themselves feel more at home. I also find it helpful when designing an individual stress reduction program for clients who are too anxious. Exploring ways to make themselves feel more at ease in their environments is key to reducing their stress level.

  14. christine says:

    celticlady53 – Amazon Top Reviewer, Book Review | Jan 24, 2010 |
    I got this terrific little book by Christine Eisner, a little while ago and am feathering my nest. No I am not tearing up the pages, but the tips and ideas in “Comfort Living” are making my inner Martha come out. The photos are beautiful and serene, and I would love to live in them. To smell the candles, lean back on the pillows and just be. It is not really a decorating book, but using what you love, your treasures, doing away with your obstacles, building your own “campfire” for warmth and comfort, making your house into a warm and welcoming home, this book has it all.
    There was also a workbook, so the 8 week plan is going to start after the first of the year. I love a home, instead of a house. Even with my admitted messiness, I am striving to make this a loving, warm and wonderful home. To that end, I am getting rid of a lot of “stuff”, to clear my obstacles. Going through closets, giving to charity, just lightening my load. This book was the impetus! If you are looking for a balance in the New Year, check this out. It is terrific!

    I received this book from Rebecca at Cadence Marketing Group. Thanks so much! ( )

  15. John Mark says:

    Like Dorothy, I also feel there is no place better than home. Each day of my college career is filled with cafeteria food, homework and deadlines. Yet, when the quarter is over, it is always good to know I have a family to come home to. Christine brought to me, personally and through her book a comfort in knowing my life always has an anchor in my family and my home.

    I had the chance to work with Christine this past summer as an intern and contributed some of the photographs within Comfort Living. As an interior design major, it expanded my appreciation in the value of turning a house into a home. Being exposed to Christine’s ideas, I learned that it only takes a few simple steps to make all the difference to enhance the quality of your surroundings. This book guides you in creating comfortable, balanced and enjoyable atmospheres within your home, office or overall well-being.

    It became the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends. I hope each one of you is enriched by this book, like I was. It was a pleasure to work with Christine and develop personal guidelines to a more sound and comfortable life through her simple everyday lessons.

  16. christine says:

    Kim, thank you for sharing this. I take it as a high complment and look forward to hearing how Comfort Living might positively impact people in your circle of influence. all the best, christine

  17. Christine,

    I had to order this book for my mother after seeing how beautiful and helpful it is.

    In addition, I’m recommending it to all my clients. I think my couples can use a good understanding of how to create campfires, echos and experiences in their lives. It may help save some relationships!

    Wonderful and beautiful; a treasure.

    Kim L.
    therapist, speaker, fellow human.

  18. Penny Watkins says:

    We like the idea of “comfort living” but it seems unattainable… In Comfort Living, Christine Eisner shows us how to do it.
    This is a small book that helps us take small, doable steps to transform our lives and homes. It is part instruction and part work book, with sections at the end of each chapter for reflecting and collecting ideas for implementing what we are learning…
    I especially appreciated the metaphors Eisner uses to demonstrate home making. She shows us how to create the emotional equivalent of a campfire. To build bridges from place to place, and person to person. To utilize our treasures and overcome our obstacles.
    This is a book about home design, but not the way we usually think of it. Yes, we want to create a beautiful space, but Comfort Living goes beyond that… The companion Comfort Living Journal fits in a pocket or purse and gives a place to jot notes, ideas and thoughts throughout the day. You create your home environment incrementally, in 15 minute bites and with small changes. Over the course of 8 weeks, those increments add up to transformation.
    Comfort Living makes home making accessible. Bulleted lists, short paragraphs and simple, serene language make it easy and calming to read. Wonderful photographs show what you can achieve. And the activities teach you how to do it. If you are looking for a way to make your home a pleasant, comfortable place to be, this is one book you need to read.

  19. Amazon Top 500 Reviewer - D. Fowler (Dragonfly) says:

    This book just oozes an aura of comfort and peace. Loved it! I really did cart several bags of stuff off to the Goodwill boxes and did a few other things not mentioned in the review. If I accept a book like this, I don’t skim and actually try some of the suggestions… I hope people take time to read it as I actually tried to implement some of the suggestions.

    This is a lovely little spiral bound notebook I am using to accompany the journey I am taking with the book, “Comfort Living: A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle.” As I noted in my review of the book, I’m more of a notebook sort of person and this is where I’m keeping my notes about what I consider my “treasures” and what I consider my “obstacles” to creating my own balanced lifestyle.
    This notebook flips, a concept I find very interesting… As it says in the front, this is “where you get to record your positive experiences with people, place and things – the ones that make you feel content, satisfied, inspired and happy.” Please take note of the dimensions of this little notebook. You may find it is too pricy for your taste, but personally I find the size just perfect to slip in my pocket or purse. It’s a nice companion to “Comfort Living” and both of them would make a perfect gift, to yourself or someone special in your life.

  20. Amazon Top 500 Reviewer - Dr. Joseph S. Maresca CPA, CISA says:

    This is a back to basics guide to a balanced way of living. Too many of us tend to be chaotic and disorganized…
    First, the house must be an inviting place devoid of too much clutter and random objects spewed about. The table should be set in advance and the surroundings should be lit well- preferably with natural light. The author recommends that we get close to nature.
    Overall, this book is an excellent reference for people who wish to bring organization into daily living. As such, the book will have a large constituency of readership; such as, homeowners, restaurant owners and anyone serving the public at large.

  21. Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer - Lisa M. Hendey (Lisa, CatholicMom.com Webmaster) says:

    From the moment I received Christine Eisner’s Comfort Living and the accompanying journal for review, I wanted to dive into the process of regaining balance in my lifestyle and my home. Christine walks readers through a transformative, 8 week process that is about much more than reorganizing or mastering clutter. Christine’s emphasis on making the most of energy centers in my home makes sense to me. I particularly loved her “campfires” concept in Weeks 3 and 4. This is a book that will make a lasting difference in our home, and I’m pleased to share it with others.

  22. Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer - YogaKat says:

    This is a workbook that will help you to create a warm, comforting home and bring you in touch with your own likes and dislikes. It will help you to look inward and discover what are “treasures” and “obstacles/stresses” in your life.
    The book includes exercises and questions that will help you get in touch with life priorities and help you observe what is important to you. I love the layout of the book and it is printed on very smooth, soft paper and includes beautiful photography. It is broken into 8 weeks so the tasks are easy to follow and very do-able!
    There is also a small journal available as a companion to this book called “The Comfort Living Journal”, highly recommended!
    Finding comfort is so important in these stressful times and this book will definitely put you in the mindset to make your home a place where you will always be at peace. As Christine Eisner quotes in this book “Dorothy says ‘there’s no place like home'”.

    The Comfort Living Journal is the companion to Comfort Living book. It is a metal spiral bound book with 17 blank pages for journaling. I love the nice smooth paper! The first section of the journal is for writing down your treasures (these are things that create positive experiences.) The second half of the book has its own cover (by flipping the book over) and is for writing down your obstacles (these are things that prevent positive experiences). It would make a nice gift for a friend and is meant for special, precious notes and is not as thick/big as a typical journal where you write down your every moment or thought.
    There is brief explanation of both the treasures and obstacles in each section. I highly recommend purchasing the complete guide which is meant to be used in conjunction with the journal.

  23. Amazon Top 500 Reviewer - Amos Lassen says:

    “Comfort Living” is a little book–82 pages but in that short amount of time, the reader is almost forced to balance his/her life and it is done so easily. We begin simply–“pausing to re-examine what makes you happy and relaxed”. The effect is immediate.
    The book is conveniently divided into four sections and then there are two chapters per section. The author suggests a week of contemplation and action for each section. We are taught to classify and to streamline and the book is a reminder to keep our lives in balance.
    The book itself is beautiful with lovely photographs and the step by step format makes it very easy for one to take charge of his life. I find the book to be an American version of Feng Shui by which our environment shapes our lives–once the environment is fixed than our lives are heading in the right direction.

  24. Cynthia Good says:

    Just wanted to say congrats on your fantastic book! Loved reading about it in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles... Very smart!!!!! You’re doing great things for the world.
    Cynthia Good
    Editor, CEO PINK & Little PINK Book

  25. Amazon Top 100 Reviewer - MotherLodeBeth says:

    Every now and then I receive a book that is so lovely as well as wise that I write the title down for future gift giving.
    Page 12. ‘Begin with the simple act of pausing to re-examine what makes you happy and relaxed. You will be surprised at how quickly you can bring change to your home by emphasizing your pleasures and treasures, and then clearing away the obstacles that get in their way’, is a great start, because I don’t think some people know how to stop, slow down, look and observe what is around them.
    Christmas and other holidays are coming this winter and if you have someone you know whom you would love to give a nice gift to whether male or female, this book may be a nice gift to give. It’s not girly, but a nice combination of zen and french style with a nice pale robins egg blue coloured cover. Measures 8 inches by 8 inches in size.

  26. Amazon Top 50 Reviewer - A. Chandler (ArtistAlana) says:

    Biggest Positives: Step by Step format makes it simple to make changes and not overwhelming at all. Very well thought out.

    CONCLUSION: Your environment shapes your entire life. This allows you to create a warm and inviting one that anyone can do, in my opinion…that’s kinda it in a nutshell! I’d say it’s an American version of Feng Shui and a thoughtfully composed read that easily allows one to bring beauty into a few areas of their life quite simply.

  27. Betsy says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your book. Very appropriate for our times — and for the holidays!

    Betsy Riley, Executive Editor, Atlanta Magazine

  28. Kym says:

    Christine is a mind-reader. Having just finished building our new home, we are slowly adapting this space to our family. The table of contents is promising and I can’t wait to pick up Christine’s book for inspiration. These days, it is so important to create “comfort spaces” for the busy people of our lives (family and friends). Thank you in advance, Christine!

  29. Mollie Winston Barrow says:

    Christine! So happy and excited for you. Cannot wait to see the book. The website is enticing and the color layouts are wonderful. Congratulations on your wonderful, talent career and future. Namaste!

  30. What a thrill to see your vision coming to life – a vision that has
    been, and will continue to be, a source of inspiration for all those
    seeking a deeper, more satisfying sense of connection and peace. I’m
    honored to be sharing this journey with you as I continue to introduce
    both young people and adults to the profound beauty and natural energy
    that comes from moving in the natural world. The message is very much
    the same – simplicity…health…compassion…love.

  31. Mary Prince says:

    “Christine, the new book looks wonderful. I am thinking that it is a perfect gift for new brides. I sure wish I could attend one of your Atlanta events to help celebrate. Congratulations. BTW, I hear your voice from the workshop I did with you, reminding me to “edit” as I am putting together our new home in Little Rock. Putting a light timer in the entrance hall was one of the first things I installed when we moved in”

  32. Heather Paper says:

    Not only have I gone on your website…it’s bookmarked! I love your “signature” birdhouse, by the way, and the shade of blue you use as a backdrop is what I consider my signature color. My entire bedroom is wrapped in it!

    So glad you’re getting great feedback on the article, but it’s your story…so all credit goes to you! H.

  33. Janece says:

    This book stopped me dead in my tracks with just one question, “Where do you like to sit in your house?” Simple enough but when I took the time to think about it I realized that there was not one single place in my home that was truly comfortable — that had good lighting or a place to put a drink or a throw to keep you warm — not ONE. And so, with the help of this fabulous book, I felt this freedom for the first time to play in my house, to make mistakes, to paint on walls and go to garage sales and junk stores and create a place that felt playful and comfortable and home. Please, treat yourself to this book. It will open up your thinking in fabulous new ways.

  34. Maureen Goldman says:

    Working with Christine and reading her book were revelations. She didn’t tell me how to do things and impose her design aesthetic. Instead, she offered a whole new way to think about our surroundings. We now have more life and tranquility in our home. My den, which I never liked being in, is now my favorite room. It is full of light and color. Our only purchase was a bird feeder that hangs outside a window that was used to be covered by shutters. The shutters are open, the views are lovely, and I feel so lucky to have found Christine.

    Maureen Goldman, owner of Editproof

  35. Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer - J. Lesley says:

    After reading this charming little book… I simply fell in love with this entire concept.
    This 80 page back-to-basics lifestyle book had an immediate affect on me… I sat down and read the book from cover to cover. Now that I’ve done that, I am going back and utilizing the suggestions presented by author Christine Eisner for making my home a place of comfort… The book comes with a small spiral bound notebook which is divided into two portions, one for Treasures and the flip side is for recording Obstacles.
    I highly recommend this book. Give it to yourself as your first step toward making your home that calm, friendly, cozy place you can’t wait to get back to… Give it to your friend who seems to be constantly searching for “just the right thing” to make a room be what they want. This little book will help them understand what it truly is they are searching for.

  36. Chris says:

    Love the concept of the book. It’s a workbook, a guide, an interactive tool. I’m thirsty for chapter one already!!! One point you touched on that I completely subscribe to is the goal of creating experiences, not just pretty spaces. People are sometimes so focused on the outer “short term” highs that they neglect the core inner self which is where real joy originates.

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