Resolutions Again??!!! Quick Tips 4 How to Make Them Stick

Posted on 12.31.11.

Did You Know that 85-97% New Year’s Resolutions reach completion and in fact, are abandoned within 3 weeks! Talk about multitasking! Setting out 10 resolutions that are over ambitious is a map to failure. Here are some quick tips to get in gear, but also to stay on track. Happy 2012!

4 Tips for Realistic Resolutions:

1. Scale Back:
Choose ONE resolution. (Think lazar, not shot gun)

2. Think Specific:
Forget broad-reaching goals. Go for smaller, measurable steps.

3. Get Physical:
Make changes to your living spaces and daily routines that support your resolution.

4. 20-20 Hindsight:
Make your SINGLE resolution in early December and start getting into the groove so that you’re up and running by Jan 1st.

3 Resolution Makeovers: — Not only is it about focusing on one task, it’s also about making changes to your surroundings and lifestyle that move you toward success.

1. Smoking:

Instead of:
“Quit smoking.”

Try this:
“I will cut the # of cigarettes in a day by half — and keep them somewhere where they are less accessible, in the garage, in the trunk.

2. Weight Loss:

Instead of this:
“Lose 20 pounds.”

Try this:
“I will drink 3 more glasses of water each day – and keep a pitcher of “spa water” in the fridge, with some washed fruit ready to eat, in a bowl on the counter.”

3. Fitness:

Instead of this:
“Get in shape”.

Try this:
“I will exercise one more day a week or add 10 to each session – and listen to music or catch up on the news while I’m doing it.”

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