Sample Questions

Sample Interview Questions

For Christine E. Leuthold
Designer, Consultant & Author

Comfort Living: A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle


1. Why do you think people are having such a hard time finding “home”? (0:45)

2. In a nutshell, what are you trying to get across to people? (0:30)

3. You worked at Polo/Ralph Lauren, which is all about the polo pony – but you’re telling people to ‘lose the labels’? (0:30)

4. You talk about living ‘Better than perfect.” What does that mean? (0:45)

5. It sounds like you’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Where does your vision for living come from? (0:45)

6. Your book looks like a cross between a workbook and a coffee table book. I see ToolBoxes, exercises, action steps and Profile Pages toward the back…How does this work? (0:30)

7. The subtitle says “A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle.” What do you mean by Balance? (0:20)

8. I see two pages of terms on pages 80 and 81, with words like Campfires, Echoes, Bridges, Rhythms, Streamlining… What’s wrong with words like “focal point,” “accent” and decluttering? (0:45)

9. Campfires… in my family room, in my entry, in my dining room!? What’s this about? (0:45)

10. So is Comfort Living about living “green” as well? I see two chapters on Nature… (0:45)

11. Tell us about your monthly on line live streaming program, Comfort Living Club. (0:30)

12. Is this just another trend of the moment? Does Comfort Living really work? (0:20)

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