Summertime Continues! — Today thru Sept 22nd

Posted on 08.23.13.

At least in my humble opinion, summer is not almost over. The calendar supports my position:  The first day of autumn, otherwise known as the vernal equinox, is September 22nd.  Up north, school doesn’t resume until after Labor Day, though in the southeast, kids are already into homework, after school activities, and for high school seniors, the college application process.  

There are many, many magnificent days, evenings and experiences left to enjoy….  with friends, family or simply on your own.  So here 6 practical tools to keep you in the present and enjoying these last FIVE whole weeks of summer!

1 – Mark the Your Calendar:  

Make an appointment for the first day of fall, September 22nd, to say goodbye to summer.  Create a countdown on paper or with an app to keep this little factoid from getting lost in the shuffle.  Try it and see what happens!    

2 – Get Outdoors:  

How about an after-dinner walk, a pitcher of sangria on the porch, an afternoon nap in a hammock or a picnic in the park? The cold weather will come soon enough, so take a break from the A/C and enjoy the fresh breezes, sunshine and Vitamin C. 

3 – ‘Think Pink’ / Think Summer:

If it’s hot out, stick with those flip flops, little T’s and sundresses.  There’s no need to retire your seersucker, linen and white capris yet.  If the weather is abnormally cool, like it is here right now (yesterday was in the 60’s!), stay away from the dark colors and go for brights, whites and pastels in heavier weights.  You’ll be surprised at how they keep you in that summer state of mind. 

4 – Vintage Summer:  

Think back to some of your best summer moments… hide-and-seek and capture the flag with kids in the neighborhood, catching fireflies, lemonade stands, tie-dying and macrame sessions and those backyard campouts when your parents brought out a much-appreciated late night snack? How about reviving some of these treasures for yourselves or your kids to extend their lifespan for yet another generation?   

5 – When the Livin’ is Easy:

There are some things that just say “summer”.  Keep these treasured routines singing their song to you. Lite novels, backyard barbecues, hopscotch, bicycle rides, sidewalk chalk and alfresco dinners under the stars are just a few that come to mind. What comes to yours?

6 – Eat & Drink Summer:

Food and drink are two of my favorite ways to stay in the moment.  Call a friend or take your kids to your nearby farmer’s market.  Walk or cycle if you can. 

Local Produce + Summer Recipes = Summer Bliss.  Think peach pie, gaspaccho, caprese salad or melon and proscutto.  My finds of yesterday were tomatoes, squash, peaches and goats cheese (and I even got to meet Amelia, the 2-week old baby goat!  Click here for her portrait.

The bottom line?  Life is now. Summer is here. There’s fun to be had!!!

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