Look What’s on MY Calendar: “Tuscany… As the Italians Do It”

Posted on 12.10.12.

I’ve decided to do something very different and VERY fun this year — and I’m excited!

For many of us, it seems that sometimes our minds are so cluttered that the best thing is to simply get some breathing room. Some space.  A chance to see things through a different set of eyes.  There are many different words for it — travel, vacation, sabbatical, retreat, walkabout — but they all are about  stepping into a different rhythm and ideally coming back with a refreshed outlook.

Personally, this is something I’ve been doing since I was a teenager.  I’m certain that these experiences have shaped my view of my life and of life in general.

Last fall, me and a small group  went to Tuscany with Marco Betti.  Marco is a native of Tuscany but lives in the States and owns a very successful restaurant in Atlanta, Antica Posta.  When I booked the trip, I told him that I wanted to create and Italian experience that would allow people to go below the surface.  Not that the surface has too many blemishes, but I wanted to show people another, more intimate side of a country that has become a favorite of so many people.  So we decided to join forces and create a lifestyle experience from that idea and our own experiences in Italy and elsewhere over the years.

During the 1st week of this September, Marco and I will take a small group of people behind the doors of the region’s most prominent winemaking families — names that are very familiar to wine, culinary and style lovers — Antinori, Frescobaldi, Ginori and Ferragamo.  Names that for Marco, are longtime friends — and for me are now friends as well!

The itinerary is final.  Visit Upcoming Events  and scroll down to find out all about it… Maybe I’ll see you there?

The group is intentionally a small one, so reserve early.  

Questions and Reservations: c@ComfortLivingbyChristine.com or Marco Betti at 404.502.9920 or at marco1@anticaposta.com.





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