Tuscany Trip Update: Making Lemons Out of Lemonade… or Maybe Even Limoncello!

Posted on 07.17.13.

Sometimes “life gets in the way” and you need to be flexible and rebalance. I call it ‘making lemonade’… but why settle for lemonade when you can have limoncello!!?

Well that’s what happened with the Tuscany experience scheduled for early September.  It turned out that I had a significant conflict…. BUT, with an attitude of flexibility and looking for the positives that often accompany change, it has not only been rescheduled for Sept 21-26, but we also managed to tweak it a bit and, without taking out any of the magic, we managed to reduce the cost by $2,000.

The new itinerary is just as fabulous as the previous one… and because we have shortened it by two nights, the price reduction will more than cover your airfare.  So take a look at the link, your calendar — and make your reservation!

 Highlights and Overview       

To book, email Marco Betti at marco1@anticaposta.com

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