Unlikely Teachers: A 10 Year-Old Girl… and the Horses

Posted on 03.17.12.

People learn from other people. They learn from experiences, not books. It doesn’t matter how old you are to be a teacher. Or how young. Jereme Weiner my “spokeskid” for my activity on ChangeMyWorldNow.com, the online community for kids that was launched in fall, shares one of her tools for not only changing her world, but also for changing other people’s world. Read on….

Give a Little Love
by Jereme Weiner (10)

One of my favorite books when I was little is called Give a Little Love by Lizzie Mack. When I was little, I don’t think I knew the true meaning of the book. I probably just liked touching the silky balloons on each page. Now that I am a little older, I have come to realize the true meaning of the book.

The book is about a little girl giving balloons away to her friends and family until she has none left for herself. In the end, the book shows her with no balloons but surrounded by all her loving friends and family, and it says, “When you give something away, you get back more than you can say.” I think the book is saying that giving can be as good as getting or that it can be even better.

The reason I chose to write about this is that whenever I give or donate to others, I really do get an amazing feeling. It makes me feel great about who I am. If you are feeling down or worrying about school or home problems of your own, you can actually make yourself feel better by donating or giving, knowing that you might have helped fix someone else’s problems.

When you give to organizations like Toys for Tots or a homeless shelter, you might not know who you are helping or ever see the results of your donation, but you know that someone is excited and thankful for what they got. Every year, we try to make one night of Hanukkah for giving to others. When my mom told me I had to use some of my own money to buy some toys to donate, I was a little upset at first, but when I dropped them off to be given to others during the holidays, I felt so good, just like the book says you will.

Thank you, Jereme! Yes, we learn from other people. We also learn from animals. Consider joining forces with your daughter me and Vista Caballo co-founder Lisa Arie for an unforgettable experience. Mothers, daughters and horses. Allow your daughter to open the door to who she really is. And allow her to gain insights into you as a person, not just a mom. With the horses as your teachers, as well Lisa and myself, you will be amazed.

This retreat is for 8 pairs of moms and daughters (minimum age: 12; maximum age: n/a). Is this the two of you??!
(Experience with horses is not necessary. In fact, for those of you who are totally uncomfortable with horses, be prepared to look at them, and your life, through a whole new lens. )

Click here for the invitation and details. Reservations are due no later than April 15th, but space is limited.

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